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Founded in 1996 by Martin Escobar, Ultimate Pest Control Services was established as a family owned and operated Pest Management Company. We provide quality solutions with high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution to homes and businesses in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties. At UPC we are driven by strong family values of hard work, respect and integrity. These principles form the foundation of our company culture and the driving force behind our commitment to our growing family of customers and employees.


With a strong background in Biology and Chemistry, Juan Gonzalez has always had an interest/passion for the study and behavior of bugs. Alongside the knowledge in the field, our team members are licensed food handlers in NYC, Suffolk and have a collective 20+ years of experience in the restaurant industry. We understand the importance of efficiency and attention to detail needed to provide quality service in the Pest Management Industry. Customer service excellence has been and always will be one of our critical competitive advantages. We seek to build long term partnerships which will ensure peace of mind to our customers.

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